Virus Protection
It is recommended by us that all computers be equipped with an anti-virus software. For non-commerical users, Grisoft offers an excellent FREE version of their AVG software. For more information, visit
Firewall programs can protect sensitive data and stop intruders. We recommend ZoneAlarm, available at Using a router or hub also gives you added security, while allowing you to network several computers together.
Why should I Backup?
A backup is important because it allows you to store a copy of a folder or file in another location. If your computerís hard disk fails and all of your folders and files are lost, you can then rely upon your backup to restore all of your work.
Solutions At Your Service
We offer a variety of services that are aimed to ensure that your IT needs are fulfilled. Custom built systems, upgrading, on-site repairs, in-house repairs, networking, web design, web hosting, online shopping, and virus removal.

Website Solutions
We develop web sites that are best suited to your needs. Whether it's for your business or for your personal use, web sites are created to meet your wants. We are ready to accommodate your requests, including any logo's or slogan's that you wish to include. Once the web site is complete and earns your approval, we'll even provide you with hosting.

Custom Built PC's
We custom build computer systems that are fixated to your specific needs. Once you decide what you want, we will build your system to match your specifications. Whether you need a computer for gaming, or just for navigating the web, we are your computer solution.

Technical Support
To keep your computer running smoothly, we offer on-site repairs, in-house repairs, virus removal and upgrades.

Our services go on to include:
  • Formatting of Hard Drive
  • Installation/re-installation of Windows
  • Virus and Spyware removal
  • File(s) and program back-ups
  • And many more...
With repairs starting at just $40, it's sure not to burn a hole in your wallet.